Setting little goals to reach your big goal

Big goals can be very overwhelming and scary. I've spoken a lot about this with one of my bestie's Hesther recently. It's exciting to put a big goal in place, but without little goals to reach that ultimate goal, motivation can tend to swindle, it becomes easy to have freak outs whether you'll actually be able to reach that ultimate goal.


In July I'll be completing Ironman Zurich, the biggest goal of my life. Sometimes my mind gets the better of me when I think about whether I'll actually be able to cycle 180km with a small matter of running a marathon straight after. It's quite a common theme for me recently to have a mini meltdown inside, get overwhelmed with negative thoughts like 'I can't do this', why have I put this amount of pressure on my myself and during my first year of marriage, what was I thinking?? The only way I can get myself out of a mini freakout is to  break down and focus on each month and 'mini goal' ahead.  

One thing I touched on in my 'Setting goals and sticking to them' blog post is to set smaller goals, to reach the bigger goal. Benefits of setting smaller events:

  • Boost your confidence 
  • Prevent giving up
  • Measure your progression, a reminder of how far you've come. 
  • Drive excitement of becoming one step close to your ultimate goal.
  • Reinforce why you set the larger goal.
  • Celebrate those milestones.

On Sunday I'll be cycling the 107km Hell of Ashdown sportive in Kent. I'm very excited to be cycling an event across the countryside where I grew up. It also means that I'll know exactly which 11 climbs I'll by cycling and the length/gradient. I'm absolutely bricking it, but also can't wait to see if I achieve it, and see what the day will bring.

It will be the longest distance I've cycled this year, and looking forward to banking a few miles in Strava :)

I'd love to hear what  what you have planned in the pipeline, fitness wise or not.