Transition Area Hacks

  1. Practice, practice, practice - It's worth practicing the transition area, where you will set out all your race kit. I'd recommend laying out a brightly colored towel, open up the tongues of your cycling shoes and trainers, remember a waterproof jacket incase it rains, suncream and vaseline.

  2. Transition time is also accounted for your overall time.

  3. RULES! Read the rules of the race. A key one to remember is to put your helmet on before you unrack your bike Then when coming into T2, remember to rack up your bike before taking off your helmet.

  4. Remember where you racked up your bike. Remember a landmark close to your bike such as a tree, or your aisle number. Using a brightly coloured towel for your transition area will help too.

  5. Talcum powder in socks and shoes will help you to smoothly pop your wet and sweaty feet in

  6. Elastic laces in trainers prevents fumbling around trying to do the laces up. Believe me - this is a game changer!

  7. Nudity isn't allowed during triathlon events, so consider your tri clothing in advance :)