Month 3 out of 6 Ironman Training

I am in the 'build' phase of my training plan. Building my duration and distance slowly, whilst combining strength and tempo sets.

March has been my favourite month of training so far. Spring is coming, which means lighter mornings and evenings, but I started to get myself into a bit of routine with training (as much as I can around work). I no longer return from long rides with frozen numb feet, instead of running through London in the darkness and rain, it's sunny  and light in the mornings <3

I'm seeing progress which is exciting, I feel like I'm slowly getting closer to the ironman.

It's been a big shift in lifestyle, I've swapped mid week prosecco evenings for sweaty sessions on the bike or pounding the pavements. And I absolutely love it!! I'm getting a few comments like 'oh it's only temporary, don't worry' but I must say, I'm bloody enjoying this lifestyle change. I love having a this focus and challenge, pushing and testing my limits. Making new friends with similar interests. It's been brill. 

Here's a breakdown of March in numbers

  • Distance Cycled - 1,555km 
  • Distance Ran - 70km
  • 95 hours cycled
  • 25 hours ran
  • 16km swam in total
  • Max hours  duration week of training 15.23 hours 


  • After 6 months of training I've finally bought 'the one' the gorgeous Liv Envie (after test cycling 3 times!). 
  • Swimming every Tuesday morning 6.45am - 8am with Swim For Tri. Swimming in the outside, 50m pool. This is a dream. I swim in a lane of older guys, either ironmen or super fast swimmers. I love how this pushes me to be faster.
  • The beginnings of Regents Park laps. Regents Park is giving me the ability to train at a faster pace and really push myself before work. 
  • Cycling with the lovely Threo ladies. It's so lovely to meet other people with similar passions and interests. 
  • Hill reps up Swains Lane, Highgate with Dirty Wknd. 
  • My goal for March was to cycle At least 100km per weekend. So far I'm covering distance up to 123km.
  • March saw my first solo 100km which was quite empowering. Practising being on the bike for 6 odd hours on your own is key. The mental battles I have on the bike are insane!! 
  • Swains lane and Regents Park laps with Millie 
  • I met the lovely Charlie Brown who is also competing in the same Ironman. It's great to share the same journey to Ironman Zurich. 


  • The biggest challenge for me is adjusting my training plan each week. I work in a client facing role which means breakfast meetings, evening entertainment, heading straight to meetings instead of the office in the morning. Mornings and evenings are key times for me to train, outside of work, so I need to be flexible in my training, and with work, so it's a constant balancing act to ensure I'm giving my all at work and with training. 


  • The frequent mental battle of wanting to be faster, stronger. Sometimes can be detrimental to my pace and have to keep focussed with positive mantras or focussing on technique. I know I'm WAY overthinking things, especially on the bike.
  • Not letting external factors affect me. Whether that be comparing myself to others who are faster/stronger. Or listening to people who aren't showing that much support. I've had a few comments of "concern" that I'm overdoing it.  Training to this capacity is new to me and to my friends that aren't familiar with endurance events. It's important to build a network of support and friends because of the stress I'm applying to myself mentally and physically to get to Ironman Zurich. 
Running into work

Running into work

Running into work

Running into work

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