Training for Your First Triathlon

  • Cut through the complexity of triathlon. If you are a beginner, it can be overwhelming. There are three sports, many acronyms for training, learning the parts of a bike and how to maintain it... and more! Remember you are training your body so that it can swim, bike, run for the specified distance. Bring it back to the basics when you feel overwhelmed by it all! Just focus on training hard, to make the race day as enjoyable as possible. You are training for three sports so a focus is

  • Have fun! Remember that you've paid to do this triathlon, you are choosing to take the time to train, and to race. Write down WHY you decided to enter a triathlon and keep referring back to it when you need that extra bit of motivation. Keep focussed on your end goal. For instance, are you entering your first ever triathlon, or getting over a fear of open water swimming? Maybe you are doing it to raise money for charity. Or you're trying to learn how to cycle but great at swimming and running? It really is about the journey. There will be tough training sessions, but there will be absolutely fantastic training days where you feel progress, meet amazing people and feel on top of the world. Create adventures on your bike, plan a route somewhere fun such as Brighton, Cambridge, or out to the countryside. Swim in new pools you haven't swum in before, run somewhere you haven't before. If you are in London, it's a great way to discover new parts of London.

  • Join a club or community.  By joining a club or community you'll instantly make new friends with similar interests. It's a perfect way to pick up tips and hints to help your technique, especially if you attend coached sessions where a coach can tweak your technique in swim run or bike. You are training for three sports so will be spending a lot of time training, why not find friends to do it with?

  • Focus on your weaknesses. It's easy to do more of what you love or are good at, but focus on doing an extra weekly session on your weakest discipline could actually make it one of your strongest if you work on it enough! If swimming is your weakest, get a coach to look at your technique and give you some good scheduled sessions. There are many coaches out there, have a look at your local club whether it be a tri club, swim, cycle or run specific club.

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