February Training - Month Two Out of Six

The month of January was very much getting used to the shear volume of hours to train. February has been more of a confidence booster with my body adapting and conditioning itself to training, feeling stronger and cover more distance. I'm in my 'build' period. It's great to meet more people in the triathlon and cycling community, Ironman can be pretty lonely with long hours of training! 

February Month in Numbers:

  • 4,794 metres climbed on the bike
  • Max speed - 56km/h
  • 378.18km cycled

  • 85.67 km ran

  • 20km swam


  • Hell of Ashdown Sportive - getting over that 100km saw the start of my super long rides from now until Ironman. Cycling with the lovely Millie Citton for the first time, she also shares as much love, if not more for cycling. 
  • Signing up to Athlete Lab. A cycling studio with real bikes (not spinning bikes) for real cyclists outdoor. Focussing on specific training sessions such as 'ironmania' or 'threshold boost' or 'super strength' sessions, with Athlete had has already had improved on my strength and drive through each pedal strike, thus helping me when I'm outdoor on my long ride outside.
  • Beginning of Regents Park Laps - The beauty of RP is that it's so so easy to do before work, 10 minutes cycle from RP is work. It's perfect mid-week training to focus on improving my speed.
  • Chasing some beautiful sunsets over London.
  • My bed has never felt so cosy!! I have minimal 'down' time and I don't enjoy the TV so I'm heading to bed earlier for early morning starts. It's been brilliant.
  • I took time out to cycle around London with Powered By Me. Discussing everything fitness, her big challenge ahead. She's cycling around London 
  • Started to get a few 100km rides under my belt
  • I rode with Dirty Wknd for the first time. I got up at 5.30am on a Friday (I remember the days of getting home at this time!) to do hill repeats of Swains Lane. The ideal addition to my weekly training sessions during the week.
  • Meeting the lovely Charlie Brown who also is doing the same Ironman as me. It feels a little bit more real finding another girl from East London also going through a journey to our first Ironman!  


  • Exhaustion and always feeling slightly tired. Realising I need to improve my refueling by eating more carbs to keep my blood glucose levels up, and thus having more energy!
  • Over doing it, getting ill and not training for 4 days. Due to over doing it. 
  • Balancing working full time, PTing a client still, training, seeing my family and friends is literally a constant juggling act
  • Not having the luxury to have as much spare time and realising I shouldn't arrange anything in the evenings  Mon - Thurs in the evening due to sheer exhaustion.


There were a lot of tears in January, it was a harsh month in terms of weather and had to go through teething problems. February has seen improvement in strength and the distance covered. I absolutely love training and the feeling it gives me, even though I do feel tired I generally have more energy. I feel more motivated in other aspects like my work as well. Almost like a domino effect of focus.

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