Why I Tri

During long hours of training, week in and week out, and during the low points of training, I often ask myself "Why?". Why am I putting myself through this? It's something which many people also ask me when I tell them I'm training for an Ironman, who then stare back at me with blank, glazed over eyes, looking at me as if I'm a complete weirdo. 

Triathlon/Ironmnan has been something I've thought about for the past 10 years since someone encouraged me to try it out when I was 19/20. It then took me 6 years to pluck up the courage to enter my first Triathlon. Maybe I didn't get involved because I was scared, intimidated, didn't have the right equipment, bike, swimming costume, trainers...  I pretty much made every excuse under the sun. But I am now hooked, wishing I'd started triathlons much younger. Live with no regrets though. I'm here and training for my first Ironman.

It's overwhelming at times but as I document my training I'd love to inspire other women to try it out. I've listed some of the reasons "why i tri" out below in the hope that maybe it encourage others to enter one this year! 

Triathlon to me is about the journey, the stories, the raw emotion, the community, the release of energy. I'm hoping a few of these reasons will help to inspire you to run, cycle, swim... or all three :)

  • For me it's about being outside, going for a run in the fresh air, running through the countryside, rolling hills of the North Downs in Kent. The blissful solitude a place where I can reflect and reset. 
  • It's the running through the most iconic parts of London. Under Tower Bridge, around the beautiful Limehouse Basin, around by Canary Wharf, through the cobbled streets of Wapping, along the southbank by the Thames, under the towering beauty of big ben, along Pall Mall to see the queen, along the hustling central streets of London, along the quaint and quiet pathway of Regents Canal, around the pretty parks - Regents, Hyde and Victoria Park (my faves).
  • It's the elated feeling at the end of long 20km run and am almost home.
  • It's the feeling of stretching out tired muscles after a long cycle and run, the feeling that you get like you've just had a long massage and your muscles have worked but are now relaxed.
  • It's the chasing of sunsets in the morning before work, seeing a quiet London awaken and at weekends seeing the party goers stumble home (used to be me!). It's the sense of freedom I feel when cycling my bike. Getting across London in the most efficient, eco-friendly way.  It's the excitement of having something in the pipeline and training for something, the purpose it gives me in life. 
  • It's the feeling of gliding through the water, catching the water with my hands, propelling myself forward with each stroke. It relaxes me, mesmerizes me. I love the bubbles and sounds of being underwater, the feeling of being enveloped in the water and being at total peace.
  • It's the feeling strength and health, seeing my body change and adapt to the training that's been done.
  • Seeing how far my body can take me, how fast it can go, how far it can run or cycle. 
  • It's the afternoon naps at weekends!
  • It's the feeling and sense of learning constantly, taking inspiration from all around me - the places I run through, the new parts of the country I cycle, the people I meet on my rides and run. 
  • It's the sense of achievement after a training session or race.
  • It's the eating delicious, nutritious food that the body craves after a long ride or run.
  • The journey,  the up's the down. The tough runs, the tough cycles that make the good runs and cycles even more enjoyable.
  • It's the new secret places you discover that you knew never excited - on holiday or just in your local area. 

All the above are just some of the reasons why I really couldn't encourage people enough to swim, bike or run! 

Please contact me if you want any advice on best beginner triathlons to enter. Remember there are different distance triathlons:

  • Super sprint triathlon: 400m/10km/2.5km.
  • Sprint distance triathlon: 750m/20km/5km.
  • Standard distance triathlon: 1500m/40km/10km.
  • Middle distance triathlon: 2.5km/80km/20k.
  • Long distance triathlon: 4km/120km/30km.
  • Ironman distance triathlon: 3.8km/180km/42km.

Alice x