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  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

  • S&C for athletes

  • Triathlon & Swim Coaching

  • Remote Training

  • 1:1 training

  • Group training

  • Remote training - A 12 week training programme with 4 x 1:1 sessions

  • Training at your home, my home, in the park, Elevate LDN at Bank, and Fix Studio in London Fields


A bit about me

I am a qualified East London personal trainer and triathlon coach with 26 years experience in swimming, 15 years in running and 6 years in triathlon up to Ironman and Team GB age group level.

Triathlon and S&C Coach

I love performance sports, training people of all abilities to achieve their goals, in one piece and uninjured. Getting to that start line uninjured, after months of training is something to be proud of. Which is why much of my training focusses on S&C training. S&C gives you a fundamental, strong body to work on.

Pre and Post Natal Training

It’s not all just about performance though. I specialise in training clients to prepare for pregnancy and recover, build fitness post pregnancy.

Please see below for prices or get in touch below for more details on triathlon training, PT training:

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Training for athletes

As a London personal trainer and London based triathlon coach I believe that strength & conditioning not only compliments and improves sporting performance, avoids injury, improves range of motion but also equips individuals to lead a more enjoyable, pain free life. Here are some of the areas I specialise in:

  • Training for cyclists, triathletes, runners. (triathlon coaching or strength & conditioning

  • Suspension training (TRX)

  • Endurance sports - swimming, cycling and running

  • Building training programmes - running, cycling, swimming, triathlons. 


Training for pregnancy or post pregnancy

My approach as a pre and post natal trainer is empathetic and gentle, understanding that it's a precious time with a new born. This is why I offer training with baby sitting services.

  • Training at your home. I can train you in the comfort of your own home. I take the hassle out of you having to pack up and travel to me with your new born. I come to you with all my training equipment and train you from your home/living room.

  • Training at my home. I have a comfortable converted area of my home where I can look after your little one while you train. Meaning you get a tailored 121 training session, baby care and complete privacy.

  • Train with friends. I offer discount for groups and understand it can be quite an isolating time so the perfect way to socialise, see your friends, work out and I can look after the babies whilst you all workout.

Free initial consultation to discuss your individual needs and goals.

Discount for groups


my experience in numbers

  • 24 years swimming - started competing at 8, competing at club and county level. Now focussing on open water swimming and triathlons (swimming marathons and Ironman)

  • 16 years running - completing 3 marathons, 2 half marathons and multiple 10k races.

  • 6 years in triathlon - I’ve been competing in triathlons for 6 years, completing an ironman and half ironman in 2017 and multiple triathlon races. In 2018 I represented Team GB in the Multi Sport Championships in Denmark, narrowly missing out (30 seconds) on a podium finish.

  • 1 year competitive rowing - competed for Southsea rowing club the solent for a coxed rowing team of 4.

  • I've cycled famous cols of Tour De France including Alpe D’Huez and Col D’Aubisque, cycled London to Paris in 24 hours, from London to Amsterdam in 24 hours.



  • Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 REPs Suspension trainer

  • Level 3 REPs Pre and Post Natal

  • Level 3 REPs Indoor Cycling

  • Level 2 REPs Gym Instructor

  • Thirdspace Wattbike Trainer

  • Level 1 ASA Swim Teaching

  • Level 2 Triathlon Coaching (training to qualify by end of 2018)


Contact me to find out prices for the below:

  • 1:1 PT sessions

  • Discount for blocks of 10 sessions

  • Discount for groups up to 4

  • Pre and post natal

  • A tailored strength programme to do at home to compliment your cycling and triathlon training

  • A tailored training programme to do strength and conditioning

  • Triathlon training

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Cyclist, runner

Rosie Anne, London - 2019

Alice has been helping me with an off season strength training plan to help me build strength ready for marathon and triathlon training in the new year. Alice has designed a great plan which has kept me motivated through the winter - the workout has been a real challenge and the progression through the weeks which Alice prescribes really show how it is working! Alice is always there if I have questions etc and is super encouraging. Great to work with a PT who understands the needs of runners and triathletes. Thanks Alice!


POst Natal

Hesther Lawrence, kent - 2018

I’ve trained with a few PTs over the years and Alice is by far the best. Our sessions are varied and personalised so it’s always the right level of intensity for me. Her planning and enthusiasm make sure I get the most out of each and every session, and she always makes it fun too! Since having my baby, Alice has been brilliant and really helped with my overall recovery, but specifically my abdominal separation (diastasis recti) which was a rather long journey. She has introduced new exercises to rebuild my strength and get me back to my pre-baby fitness, and all the time allowing me to do this at my own pace. I could not recommend Alice more, she is great at what she does.


new to exercise


"As someone who never exercised regularly I used to find myself losing interest after a couple of weeks. Alice completely changed this and got me off my bottom again! My fitness level was non existent with a trip the gym filling me with dread.

Alice completely changed all of this for me - she is a great motivator and challenged me to always strive to push my boundaries to new heights. She is also great at tailoring my workouts to meet my individual needs. Whilst her sessions are hard work, they’re also a lot of fun! Her upbeat attitude has allowed me to get into a routine and finally stick to it." - 2016

Marathon Runner

Milou Remery, Amsterdam- 2018

"While training for the Copenhagen marathon in 2018, Alice has been amazing. She not only made my training schedule, but also massively helped me along the way with exercise tips, ways of stretching and recipes. She adapted the schedule to my personal circumstances and has supported and motivated me from the start of training all the way to the finish line!" - 2018


Runner and training for event

Audrey McCarroll, Stoke Newington - 2018

I started doing PT sessions with Alice in my local park with the main goal to get leaner & more toned for my best friend’s wedding.

I also hoped to get fitter & stronger generally but focusing on upper body & core. Alice tailored the sessions & exercises to meet my goals each week. Our 1 hour PT sessions together were challenging but really enjoyable as they introduced new elements and pushed me to work harder. Within a month I could feel the difference in my body & I felt stronger after every session. She also gave me some really good exercises to do at home which helped me build momentum & strength. Even though some days I was tired Alice was great at encouraging me & pushing me to stay focused.

I was so delighted with the results over an 8 week period, my plank time increased from 1 minute to 2 minutes 30 seconds & I lost on average 2 inches from all over my body. I continue to work with Alice on a weekly basis & I couldn’t recommend her enough if you are looking for a PT to help you achieve your goals.