My Pre Race Dinner Ritual

One of my favourite things about triathlon is the pre race dinner. A dish I learnt when training for the marathon and had before every race since. It's healthy, nutritious, very healthy and full of flavours and just incredibly tasty.


    • Thick Chorizo
    • 2 x Sweet Potato
    • 2 x small Red Chillis
    • Lime
    • Handful of Pumpkin Seeds
    • Handful Mint and Coriander Leaves
    • Parmesan Cheese
    • Spagetti


    1. Cut up the sweet potato into 1cm chunks and bring to the boil until soft.
    2. Whilst doing this start to fry the chorizo, which is cut into small thumb-sized chorizo.
    3. Cook the spaghetti
    4. Once the sweet potato is soft, drain, but save a cup of the drained water. Pour the sweet potato back into the pan. Cut and drain lime all over the sweet potato and let the juice soak in.
    5. Mix in the pumpkin seeds, chorizo, mint and coriander leaves in with the sweet potato
    6. Tip some of the water back in with the sweet potato, being careful not to put too much water in. We want to make sure it isn't to dry.
    7. Once the spaghetti is cooked, serve onto a plate then pour over the sweet potato. Et voila!


    • Spaghetti - carbs for higher energy levels
    • Sweet Potato - High in calcium, potassium and iron. Loaded with beta carotene which are strong antioxidants that are essential to cellular protection, muscle recovery and regeneration.
    • Pumpkin Seeds - High in magnesium, iron and protein