Eating the good things in life

Last year's marathon really opened up me to nutrition and the importance when training. I love eating food that makes me feel good and energized rather than tired, sluggish and bloated. Unfortunately I have a serious sweet tooth and quite often lack of will power. I'm a sucker for skittles chocolate and generally most things naughty (and copious amounts of wine!). With only a month to go I'm trying my hardest to eat all things beneficial. Mainly high protein, nuts and all types of veg. I really want to be a bit leaner so I'm faster and lighter.

Literally living on cappuccinos morning and afternoon

Breakfast after training on Saturday, inspired by the clean & lean book. Obsessed by these almost hard boiled eggs recently, just done enough so the yolk is soft. Asparagus drizzled in olive oil and permasen shavings.

Simple (maybe a tad boring) two eggs each morning last week. I Personally wouldn't eat these without spripnkling of salt and pepper.

I'm (trying) to stick to the following routine: - 2 soft boiled eggs - strong coffee - protein shake - porridge (if hungry) - salad for lunch with protein (Loving spinach, salad leaves, beetroot, feta, cous cous, walnuts with olive oil & balsamic vinegar) Afternoon consists of trying not to meet my sweet cravings! But also - yoghurt with honey and chia seeds - fruit - another coffee

Obviously this goes out the window during weekends/nights out. But trying to stick to the above when I can - with some flexibility so I can still "make the balance" and still enjoy myself.