Month 5/6 of Ironman Training

I can't believe how quick this year has gone. The past two months have been so crazy I haven't had the time to blog about training progress!!!

The journey so far has been absolutely unbelievable and life changing, spending weekends doing what I love most - being outside and being active, spending it with friends or my hubbie. 

So here's a recap of the past month of training in numbers:

Month June in numbers:

  • Up to 20 hours of training per week
  • 105 hours of training in the past month
  • Max hours spent on the bike 7 hours 19 minutes
  • 31 hours spent on the saddle
  • Max distance on the bike 145km
  • Total distance cycled 770km
  • Max speed on the bike 55km/h
  • 125km ran
  • Longest run 30km 

Highlight's of the past month

  • Competing in my first half ironman distance at the Cotswolds 113 in a time of 5 hours 19 mins.
  • Training with the lovely Charlie and Chloe, two other absolute inspowomen.
  • Cycling to and from Amsterdam to visit my big bro. There: Calais > Roubaix, Roubaix > Brussels. Home: Amsterdam > Hook of Holland, then Harwich > London.
  • Hitting Swains Lane repeats.
  • Regents Park Laps with the Dirty Wknd crew. 
  • The gorgeous Millie taking me out across her usual route from London to Windsor and back on one of the hottest days of the year in my new Threo Tri Suit. (and jumping in the river to cool down!)
  • Getting my back sorted/worked on by Chiropractor Ricky Davis.
  • Spending lots of time on the bike with my inspirational husband Matt who's training for an epic bike ride across 7 countries in 14 days with over 40,000m of climbing!
  • My first ever trail run, 30km across the North Downs with hilly terrain with ultramarathoner Agata

I am in the 'peak period' which is a 6 week period where the training volume increases from 15 hours of training sometimes up to 20 hours a week. The aim is to include more heart rate 'zone 4' training, this is where you'll be working between 80-90% of your maximum heart rate, working anaerobically. This is definitely not my favourite part of training so it's taking a lot of effort to dig deep and find the motivation for more sprints/tempo work on the bike and run.

Every Monday morning feels similar to post holiday blues, still buzzing after a weekend of training, being outdoors in the countryside. Each weekend pushing my body beyond it's limits, seeing what it's capable of. Each weekend consists of big volume of training or events such as the 30km North Downs trail run/ 2 mile Great London Swim this Saturday. Recently the weather has been stunning so I've spent the majority of the weekend out in the sunshine, in the countryside cycling or running with friends. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend now... I do not miss hangovers!

This whole experience has been incredible, I'm already thinking about my next challenge. All I know is I want to continue this lifestyle, maybe without making so many sacrifices and not running as much (and giving my poor back a bit of a rest).

But the main thing is the the best things in life are worth making sacrifices and working bloody hard for. This year has truly taught me this, and the closer I get to Ironman Switzerland the more I realise it's all been worth it. I love training, cycling, swimming, strength work in the gym. So I'll 100% be continuing. 

I just need to work out what my next big challenges are....


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