Mental training to keep motivation levels up

I am now 3 months into my 6 months training plan for Ironman Switzerland in July. 

I decided not to employ a coach, I wanted to prove to myself that I can write and execute my own Ironman Training plan.

The past week I have found pretty consuming, if I'm not training, I'm thinking about training or ironman. I work for a digital advertising company in sales that's a fast paced environment, heading to advertising agencies, I'm still working have my PT business outside of work and maintaining my blog. 

I don't want to burn out so I have taken a step back to see how I can look after myserevisit the training plan, write some motivation tactics

This weekend here are a few of the thoughts bumbling around in my head I need to address:

  • Self doubt
  • Fear 
  • Comparison to other athletes
  • Exhaustion
  • Attempting to fit in every part of my life in - training, work, friends, family, my own time, stretching, yoga
  • Guilt for not focussing on other parts of my life not getting as much care and attention

So here are motivational/mental training strategies that I will use to go forward with my training, after plenty of rest.

  • Celebrate the achievements and developments, how far you have come in training.
  • Minimise stress in other parts of life:  I'm trying not to plan too much in my diary and allow for my own down time. 
  • Positive reinforcement: reinforcing positive thoughts such as:
    • Grit, determination, perseverance, stregnth
  • Visualisation: Picture what success looks like, whether it's reaching your end goal or mid term goal. Imagine how it feels to cross that finish line or
  • Find a mentors - Mentors can be anyone from work colleagues, bosses, family members. Anyone that you can take inspiration from. 
  • Better time management - Better time-management skills and pre planning the week ahead will help to re focus on that week ahead.
  • Motivation techniques during training sessions:
    • Repeat those positive affirmation in your mind - strength, grit, perseverance, commitment etc.  
    • Have 3 points on technique that you want to focus on. for example running - shoulder back and down, lengthen stride, tight core..
  • Sleep well, rest well, eat well - RECOVERY RECOVERY RECOVERY

So these are my top tips that I've used before or collated from research to use going forward. I'd love to hear other motivation techniques :) Happy Training :)