The Liv Advanced Avow Review

Liv Advanced Avow 

I share my experience riding with the Liv Avow Advanced. 

The beautiful Liv Advanced Avow... oh, where do I start?

Described by Liv as:


The Avow Advanced is a fast TT bike, designed for speed.

This beautiful and captivating coloured TT bike served me well in a 120km Aquabike event at the ITU World Championships in Denmark. The course was flat, with 400m of climbing in total. I was told I needed a TT bike to add gains to this ride, being so flat. The Avow did just that. I came 30 seconds from a podium finish. 

I received this bike a few weeks ahead of my race, fitted by the hugely knowledgeable owner of Giant Camden, Nick.

This bike made me feel strong and powerful, I finally felt like I could put my training to my full potential.

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    Overview of the bike

    As with all Liv bikes, the Avow is engineered to a women's specific design, keeping women's geometry in mind. TT bikes and comfort don't often go hand in hand, but this TT bike does. It was my first experience riding a saddle like this, and I managed 120km with no chafing or sores, which goes to show it's a comfortable bike. Make sure you get advice from your bike fitter on how to sit on the saddle correctly . Get it right and it will feel nice and comfortable. 

    An aerodynamic and a carbon built frame. with a Shimano 105/Ultegra 11-speed drivetrain

    This bike has been truly been designed with the Liv's 3 F's in mind - Fit, Form & Function. To help perform best for women.

    So What's it like to ride?

    • This bike picks up speed quickly, riding it for the first time blew my mind. It felt like an absolute weapon, I wasn't even in a fully aero position at this point. The bike slices through the air. 
    • Smooth, light, fast, aerodynamic, but also comfortable! 
    • If you are like me and not familiar with riding in a fully aero position, be prepared for it to feel slightly strange and maybe slightly uncomfortable. It shouldn't be painful but your body will adapt into an aero position over time. It took some time to adjust to this new fit of a bike, but I felt like I could eventually push more power out. It literally felt like it gave me wings.
    • The saddle didn't feel as natural to sit on as my Langma and Envie (the Liv Contact SLR), however when I adjusted my position and shifted my weight forwards, this really helped to disperse my weight across a larger surface area. Shifting forward really helped me to push more power through the legs.  
    • I only had a short time to practise in my new aero position but I felt comfortable in the aero position for the full 120km. This is impressive since I had been warned about how long it takes adjust in a new Aero position. 
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    Best to describe the Avow:

    • Aerodynamic
    • Fast
    • Comfortable 
    • Increased performance
    • High end performance bike
    • Higher spec versions of the Avow Advanced come with the water bottle, which features an aerodynamic design — as do the snack box and liquid reservoir at the cockpit.

    Techy Bits:

    Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.28.48.png


    • This bike is made for speed, without compromising on comfort. 
    • Light but sturdy, it slices through the air
    • Practise shifting body weight on the saddle to get a comfortable position and ideal performance positioning.
    • Get a bike fit done to get yourself into a more aero position, allowing for less drag.
    • The best looking tri bike on the market! Be prepared for lots of attention and compliments :)