Liv Cycling Ambassador

So Liv first came on my radar about a year ago when I was looking for a new bike to train for my first ironman. I spent HOURS researching the right bike for me. I even ordered two bikes on separate occasions and had to send them back! I felt like I'd never find a bike, this was all over the course of 6 months! 

I put word out on social media I was in the market for a bike to train for my first ironman on. I was then recommended Liv, as an amazing brand for women as well as triathlons. 


Two main things caught my eye. The first, were the values of Liv, a brand specially created for women. Their bikes are designed based on women's anatomy, ensuring true comfort without compromising on efficiency on the bike . Find out from this link on how their technology around female bikes are made.  

Getting more women into sport/cycling is a huge passion of mine. I love training with other women, I love supporting them and I love strong women who push their personal limits and do something they didn't thought possible. 

The second thing that caught my eye was how sleak and stunning the Liv bikes were, especially the 'Envie'.

I needed something that would be comfortable to ride for up to 8 hours in the saddle, and of course one I liked the look of, and would be really excited to ride, especially during those moments of training when motivation would be particularly low. There's no questioning how beautiful the Envie is.

Last year me and my Liv went on some incredible adventures together. It's on my Envie where I've experienced more emotion than anywhere else. From the darkest and hardest moments of Ironman training where I had to draw from strength I never knew I had. Seeing some absolutely stunning parts of the world including mountains surrounding Zurich, cycling across the beautiful English countryside. I've met and begun cycling with some fantastic people who I now call my close friends. I've spent up to 12 hours in my saddle and it's safe to safe the seat post of the envie is incredibly comfy. 


So I am excited to announce that in 2018, I've teamed up with the amazing Liv to represent them as a brand ambassador. It's a brand that's inline with my values for cycling, trying to draw more women into cycling and triathlon, which I hope to do from my blog. Liv has bought so much more depth to my weekends and weekdays from commuting, to adventures abroad, to cycling laps of Regents Park with mates before work. 

 So in 2018 I'll be bringing some exciting events to some of the Giant/Liv stores around London and women ride outs from stores. 

If there is something in particular you'd like to find out more about then please comment below or get in touch!