10 Reasons Why Cycling to work will change your life

Cycling to work literally transformed my life and opened up my world to a whole new passion. It all began by commuting to work and I now cycle up to 100km during weekends and often ride over 30km with friends before work. It's opened up the door to new opportunities, new friends, new experiences, new places. So I've listed my top reasons why to cycle to work and how it can enhance your life: 

  1. You'll save money - Ok, you might need to buy a bike but work it back to a 'cost-per-ride' and after not so long you'll ride back your money, it will be a cheaper way to travel to work longer term.
  2. Improve your fitness - Get fit without even having to allocate an evening or morning to 'working out'. Cycling is a low impact sport on your joints and you'll be working your cardiovascular fitness by raising your heart rate. You'll also be working your glutes and quads, which is ideal if you work at a desk and are sedantry for most of the day. 
  3. Start the day with more energy - Swap cramped and smelly tube/train journeys, or traffic jam drives for jumping on your a bike and getting some fresh air before your day. Cycling will also help to releases endorphins, meaning you'll start the day feeling exhilarated, pumped and ready to start the day.
  4. You'll always be on time - Cycling to work means you know exactly when you will get to your destination. It really is the perfect way to get to work, you have no excuse to be late now though.
  5. Connect with the outdoors - For those that work at a desk all day and barely get time outside to see the sky/sun/clouds, cycling get you outdoors. Cycling or running means you need to be organised and prepare the night before, so always check the weather for the next day and whether you may need an extra layer.
  6. Join a community -  Commuting by bike really isn't as scary as everyone feels it is. Especially during the commuter hour. In the busier parts of central London you’ll find cycle lanes, filled with many other cyclists making the same route as you, so you tend to cycle in packs. Therefore you are more visible to vehicles, vehicles are more aware of cyclists during commuter time. The Strava app is brilliant for cycles, it splits your route into segments and you can compete with yourself and others on each segment.
  7. Discover new parts of the country - I love discovering new roads/bars/restaurants in London. So I love mixing up my route to work to make it more interesting. On my cycle I tend to try and find new quieter roads into work when I can. Everything in London is actually a lot closer than you probably realise. When running I like to take in the scenery a bit more so I often pass new coffee shops, bars and restaurants I take note to go and visit
  8. Do your bit for the environment - Did you know that TEN bikes can be parked in ONE car parking space!? The eco footprint from manufacturing of bikes is much smaller than cars. Bikes also don't produce pollution whilst in transit, nor do they leave oil and fuel drips onto the road.
  9. Earn your breakfast - Nothing tastes better than after exercise. 
  10. Become a happier person - Ask anyone who cycles to work and they will agree that it's the best way to start the day. You'll be an all round happier person :) Guaranteed.

Good luck and let me know how your cycling gets on :)

Alice x

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