A Beginners Guide to Clipping In

Clipping in and out of pedals can initially be daunting, we've all been there at some point. However, it's worth the perseverance and persistence of practise, to build muscle memory of the movement of the ankle. Using clip in pedals help to improve efficiency, speed and comfort on the bike. Not forgetting helping on the hills too!

The movement to clip out is a strong twist with the ankle to the side.

Keep practising and remember that learning to clip in and out is almost like learning to ride again! 

Below are my top tips to building confidence:

  1. Practise in a safe area with no traffic so you only need to concentrate on clipping in and out and have soft ground to fall. 
  2. Twist out - The movement to unclip is a twist with the ankle to the left or right, depending on pedal.
  3. Adjust the tension on your cleats. This can allow the cleats to be tighter (to avoid movement) or to make it much easier to clip out.
  4. Unclip in advance of stopping - When on the road and you anticipate stopping or slowing (for instance at traffic lights) clip out well in advance. Practise placing your shoes on top of the pedal and pedal towards the traffic lights. 
  5. When beginning to cycle off from standing, don't worry if you can't clip in initially. If you are in a busy area, place your shoe on top of the pedal and clip in later on. This will save time faffing.
  6. Perseverance. Keep practising with clip in pedals, it take time and practise to build up confidence and that muscle memory so you clip in and out naturally. 
  7. Start with pedals that clip in from both sides.
  8. Be prepared to fall at least once, and it's normally at stand still!  

Check out Liv's short video guide on how to use clip in shoes:

So my key takeaways are the 3 P’s: Practise, Perseverance and persistence!

Let me know how you get on.

Alice x

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