Favourite cycle Routes

Across the globe

I’ve compiled my favourite routes, tried and tested. Feel free to download the GPX files. Use Ride with GPS to edit the routes to cycle from your home.


Hell of the Ashdown (HOTA)

133km, 1856m of climbing

This route takes on 11 cols of Kent including Kidds Hill (AKA the wall), Toys Hill, Hubbards Hill, Hogtrough Hill. Enjoy some of the grueling climbs of Kent, some beautiful scenic views along the way. Check out Ide Hill cafe for a nice coffee stop at 95km.

This start from Cadence in Crystal Palace

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 13.09.37.png

Shimanami Kaido, Japan

60km distance minimum.

One of the world’s most stunning route for all levels of cyclists across 7 Japanese islands. A minimum of 60km road and bridge network running between Japan's Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures. Head off of the main route to explore one of the 7 islands, you’ll pass turquoise waters and explore what each island has to offer. Small inclines up to each bridge but a lot of the route is a separated cycle route to traffic or pedestrians.

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London to Amsterdam part 1

London > Harwich

130km distance, 787m of climbing

The longest stint of the route from London to Amsterdam, this will be the toughest part, with a few hills then finishing up in time to jump on the ferry at Harwich. Allow plenty of rest stops and get to the ferry well before it’s due to leave to eat a warm delicious warm meal on board. Book your ferry well in advance as booking is only available for cabins. Tips from

Coffee and cake stop at Ravens Bakery, 25 miles in and a lunch stop at The Green Man Pub at around mile 43 just after the biggest climb of the day

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London to Amsterdam Part 2

Hook of Holland > Amsterdam

86km distance and 200m of climbing

The ferry arrives at 8am and the first part of the route takes you along a completely separated cycle pathway, along sand dunes past the Hague. For a breakfast stop we recommend somewhere in the Hague as there aren’t many choices after this for quite a while.

The route is utterly enjoyable and super flat. Check the weather for head winds though!