BRANDS I can't live without

There are a few brands that I can't live without. I am not being paid to recommend these guys, I simply want to share how they add value to everyday of my life.


Liv Cycling

In 2018 I have the incredible honour of representing Liv, the world's first women's cycling brand completely dedicated for women, created by women. No matter the rider’s level or style, Liv provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling. I bought the Liv Envie which is super comfy and speedy that got me through thousands of miles of training and to my first Ironman race! 



I represent SunGod, an absolute game changer in the sunglasses industry where you can completely customise your sunglasses. As someone who loves to live an active lifestyle the brand really resonated with me, inspiring me on for the next adventure. I’ve been wearing these since the summer and always have them with me. Click below to see the two sunglasses I customised:




Garmin 920xt

This Garmin got me to the start line of Ironman Switzerland. It has a battery life of 24 hours, and so many beneficial functions. You can set the watch to bike, run, swim and triathlon modes. It's bluetooth enabled all sessions are uploaded to Garmin Connect and Strava immediately. The swim can be set to indoor pool or outdoor. You can save 4 different data interfaces to whatever data you want to see from heart rate zone, pace, speed, distance, timing. The capabilities of this watch is endless. 


Chilly's bottle

The brain child of Tim and James, this bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, is environmental friendly, BPA free and comes in amazing colours, designs and sizes. Once I took this bottle to the beach with ice cold water, after a few hours of being in direct sunlight it was still refreshingly crisp cold. My personal favourite design is the Tropical Edition, it gets a lot of compliments.



Triathlon gear designed by women, for women. Power women Rhian and Laura, both Mums, triathletes with full time jobs launched this brand in 2016. They wanted to design triathlon gear for women who race and train hard, but didn't want to compromise in style. I can hands down say that I love all of their stylish designs. My favourite pieces are the two piece blue triathlon race kit.


Cocobay bikini and activewear

I have been buying bikinis from Cocobay for over 10 years now. Their collection of bikinis are beautiful, and have different shapes and colours for everyone.
I particularly love their Seafolly bikinis, the high quality mean they last for years.