2016 Round Up


It's been a while since I updated my blog now.  I had to put my blog on the backburner for a while as I completed my course in Personal Training with YMCAFit outside my full time job. Matt and I married earlier this year in July, so I was busy in wedding planning and decided to change jobs in digital advertising 2 months before the wedding. I also turned 30, so it's been a hectic year to say the least, but a bloody fantastic year!

Through all of this, as usual, sport has kept me focussed and has been a great release of energy and to 'get away from it all'. I always say to my friends that sport is my therapy. It's my time to sort all my thoughts, make plans, make peace, put the world to right. I've also managed to complete the following challenges which I am massively proud of:

  • Tonbridge Olympic Tri
  • Brighton Marathon
  • Henley Bridge to Bridge 14km swim
  • Hever Castle Gauntlet half ironman relay (we came 2nd out of the relays)

Each challenge has sparked an even bigger burning desire to enter into the next challenge. After the 14k Henley swim I was buzzing, and all I could think about is - what next?

I've had a curiosity about Ironman since I was 17. I used to lifeguard as my Saturday day job outside of school, whilst still competing for a swimming club. There was a swimming teacher whom I used to spend a lot of time chatting to about triathlons. He used to tell me in great detail all about his ironman races. Back then it didn't even cross my mind I would ever be close enough to complete one. It felt like a whole world away. It did spark a curiosity in me that has stayed ever since.

It's only since I reconnected properly with sport and began to enter into challenges over the years, that I've realised it could actually be a possibility. I love reading about nutrition, I love learning new skills, I love pushing my boundaries, I love putting together a training plan for the next few months, I absolutely love swimming, cycling and how they make me feel.

The last few years I've followed a lot of inspirational people on social media who have completed multiple ironman races, I've spoken to a few friends who have completed them. It's taken me a few years to research and seriously consider if I can make such a commitment as enter an Ironman.

So after much consideration, I finally entered into Ironman Zurich 2017. I am unbelievably excited. I know it's going to be a journey filled with massive ups and downs but I can't wait for the journey ahead of me.

I promise I will be making regular updates on my blog now as I know it will be just as useful for me to document my training and I'd love to inspire anyone else to get involved in triathlons.

Alice x