Mornings - Rise & Shine!!

Everyone has their fave time of day they prefer working out whether it be evening times, lunchtimes.. mine by far is the mornings. Recently I haven't been sleeping well, with the light sunny mornings in London (not complaining!) Now we are transitioning from spring to summer, meaning I wake up like a light bulb turning every single morning. I often fall into the rut of laying there, looking at my phone, reading messages, scanning social media then suddenly an hour has passed and completely wasted an hour of the best time in London! Once I've moved my butt out of bed and either running across the park, swimming in the lido or doing yoga stretches in my living room, I realise this is my favourite way to start mornings. It does come at a price, early nights and getting sleepy early on. Quite often by the time I've arrived at work I feel like half the day has already passed.

Another main reason I prefer training in the morning is sparing up my evenings to spend time with loved ones or relaxing/recovering from the training sessions.

The main focus of my blog has been how to balance my training with the rest of my life. It can be truly difficult juggling everything. I absolutely love training, it makes me feel so great - healthy, strong, fit and I love feeling the endorphins. Sometimes when I throw myself into so much training and don't give myself time to relax or I don't see my friends/family as much, it doesn't make me happy. And if I've spent more time hanging out with friends/going out for drinks and not allowing much time to train (or being too hungover) this doesn't make me happy either.

Now spring has sprung and the days are lighter I realise I can utilise my time a bit better, by NOT laying in bed trying to get back to sleep or reading news on my phone. By getting up and out.

So in a nutshell I've learnt over the past year the best way to balance out lifestyle with training is focussing on morning sessions with a few evening sessions if I have the time (and of course weekends).

For all those other Londonders (if you're not still up from the night before) do try an early sunday morning - you'll see London at its most beautiful.... empty and fresh, no tourists, hardly any traffic along the roads. Absolute bliss!! You'll never see London like it any other time of the day.

Top reasons why to train in the morning:

  • Gives you more energy for the day
  • You start the day already having done something for YOURSELF
  • You can get to your desk knowing you've already achieved something for the day
  • That breakfast tastes that even more sweeter!! 
  • Spare up your evenings to spend with friends and family
  • If you can run to work, this serves as exercise and commuting = cutting down on travel co

Here are some snaps I have taken along some of my early morning runs.