2014 Roundup!


Having had a whole week off work between Christmas and New Year (thanks boss), between the mass painting and decorating of our new flat, I had a lot of time to reflect on 2014. I began this blog to see if I really could balance training for the Olympic distanced London Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k cycle, 10k run) along with organising 3 hen do's and attend 5 weddings. I can safely say I did it! (not without a few mental and physical struggles). As a summary, these are the amazing weddings I attended:

Mils & Gamble - beautiful villa wedding over looking Lucca in Tuscany Hest & Nick - rustic English festival theme wedding in the Kent sunny countryside sleeping in tipi tents and coconut shies. I was a bridesmaid along with my best buds Jippers & Lizzie - a castle wedding set in Wadhurst castle, with Moet champagne on tap, resulting in the most drunken wedding (for everyone) I've ever attended. Simon & Caroline - Another stunning Kent wedding set in a gorgeous private girls school. I caught a 40 minute taxi over to my cousin's wedding reception set in her oast house garden.

and lastly one very close to my heart, my big sister's october in wedding in a big beautiful manor house in Nuneaten.

As I mentioned earlier, I created this blog named "The Balance" to see if I could balance having a decent and healthy social life alongside training for 2 triathlons.

Triathlons are addictive. I learnt when I was at school, lifeguarding at the local pool and becoming friends with some triathletes who trained there. Some of these triathletes balance long hour, high-powered careers with long hour training sessions. I was inspired but also shocked at all their time being put into training. I wanted to take part in triathlons, but I also didn't want to give up my social life, I love catching up with friends!

8 years later, having tried to make the most of my twenties; travelling, partying, festivals (glasto and serbia some of my faves) and trying to maintain a decent amount of fitness... I finally decided I needed to complete a triathlon. Something I have thought about for a very long time. I also remembered a piece of advice my mum gave me, who used to be a triathlon coach, always telling me that triathletes are at their stamina peak around the 30 age mark.

Anyway - last year was my first ever Olympic distance triathlon, having competed in 2 sprints which I found really fun, got PB's in the run and swims I came 2nd and 3rd place in the swim. I really got the taste for it. Here are my results

Tonbridge Sprint: 1hr 33 5k swim - 6.15 mins (4th place!) 25k bike - 1 hour 5k run - 23.32

London Olympic Distance Triathlon: 2 hours 40 mins 1.5k swim - 24.49 mins 40k bike - 1.19.29 hours 10k run - 48.44 mins

I stopped updating my blog around the end of my training for the London Tri. It basically came to a peak - the summer nights and going out lots, and having scheduled an unrealistic triathlon plan. I became so stressed if I missed a training session because I wanted to go out, and if I went out I'd feel guilty for not training. By the time the triathlon came by, I decided to take my time and just enjoy it. This was a blessing in disguise, I ended up getting PB's in each discipline! Clearly going slowly meant I paced myself well throughout. There's a lot to be said for negative splits!

So as a roundup, I go into 2015 with these lessons learnt:

- Set a realistic training schedule - Aim for negative splits in the cycle and run - Train in my wetsuit more - Practice swim sprints - Practice in open water - Enjoy it!

2015 looks like:

May 4th - Tonbridge Sprint Tri May 8th - Hackney Half Marathon May 31st - ITU World Triathlon Relay (swim part) Aug - London Tri - Olympic Distance