Wetsuit Shopping

With less than 6 weeks to go until the London Triathlon it's time to try on wetsuits so I can get a few swims out of it. This is my first wetsuit shop! I'm new to this whole wetsuit business - summer dress shopping is normally my thing. It took about 15 minutes to even get the thing on, and off, then the next size on and off. it was a workout in itself - I have 6 months to practise getting the thing off as quick as poss.

It's so hard trying to decide, I tried a Medium and Small on, both were fairly slick and tight. Feeling like a complete nutter I had to do a few "swim strokes" in the shop.

Thankfully I have 25% off through O2 Priority Moments so I definitely think I'll be going through Speedo. They've done me well with swimming costumes, so must be good with wetsuits too?

Now first 3 weddings are done I can knuckle down with the training, which means cycling to work everyday, I swam before work today and run training with the tri club this evening. Back to it! But I absolutely love it :)