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Personal Training

In 2018 I quit a highly pressured job in digital advertising sales to pursue my passion in sport and fitness. I qualified as a london personal trainer in 2015, and now specialise in training athletes, pre and post natal clients as well as a triathlon coach and Wattbike coach at Thirdspace.

As a personal trainer my aim is to help inspire, encourage and educate clients to reach their potential using functional forms of training, for their sport or particular lifestyle.

Sport as my passion

Being active has always been incredibly important to me. I grew up in the Kent countryside, spending the majority of time outside climbing trees, cycling through woodlands, building camps, fires, racing our homemade go kart down. This has definitely influenced me as an adult - I’m always happiest outside, ideally cycling, running or swimming. I love triathlon and in recent years completed 14km marathon swims, an ironman and competed for Team GB at the ITU World Championships in Denmark.

Performance might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I aim to inspire others to find something active that makes them feel alive like triathlon does me.

Blogger & cycle ambassador

This blog was created with the aim to inspire women into the world of cycling, swimming and triathlon, something that has enriched my life. For any triathlon or cycling events please check out my Liv Cycling events either at the Giant Camden or Giant St Paul’s store. We bring you cycling for beginner tips, winter cycling, triathlon tips, Ironman training tips and more!



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